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He is ever-present.

by Fr. Rich

If you ever had to prune branches on a vine, you know it’s no easy task. They are so intertwined and interconnected that it’s almost impossible to tell where one ends and one starts. In today’s Gospel, Jesus says, “I am the vine and you are the branches.” This is the image of our relationship […]

Good Shepherd Sunday

by Fr. Rich

We as church ask the same questions from our own membership each year on Good Shepherd Sunday, which is also the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. From among those gathered here this weekend we must ask: Who will lead the church into the future? Who will preach the gospel to the assembly that gathers […]

Be His witness to the world.

by Fr. Rich

If you were confronted by someone who questioned your Christianity, how would you respond to them? Do you know Jesus’ last name? His place and date of birth? His first miracle? How many miracles did He do? Would you then maybe question yourself if you really know Jesus! In today’s Gospel, Jesus reminds His disciples […]

Thank You for your kindness and willingness to serve.

by Fr. Rich

After a beautiful and prayerful Holy Week and an uplifting Easter celebration, I just wanted to take this moment to say Thank You to all who make this possible. Father Tom and our Deacons add so much to our liturgical celebrations and are a great help to me personally. All those who minister at the […]