This is an advisory council to the pastor regarding the overall operations of the parish. It develops and upgrades the parish mission statement, sets goals and objectives for the parish, and assesses the needs of the parish in consultation with the parishioners. Membership on the Council is through pastoral appointees and election by the parishioners. Meetings are held quarterly.

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This is a consultative group of lay members chosen to advise the pastor in matters pertaining to the financial resources needed for the proper operating of the parish and its ministries. As an advisory council, this group prepares and reviews the parish budget, recommends fund raising activities, deals with personnel and salaries and oversees the overall financial management of the parish. Members are chosen by the pastor and would include parishioners who have financial background, such as, accountants, bankers and business people.

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This group meets quarterly and takes responsibility for the care of the buildings and grounds of the parish. Through inspections and recommendations, it provides a schedule of preventative maintenance as well as suggestions for further physical needs of the parish.

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