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Happy New Year!

by Fr. Rich

A New Year has begun: 2022. Here’s where we look back at the old year and make resolutions for the new. But what do we see when we review last year? Usually we see the difficult times, the hurtful experiences and the bad situations. Then we try to fix them or change them or avoid […]

Merry Christmas!

by Fr. Rich

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! This is the greeting I share with anyone I meet at this time of year. It’s not meant to be an affront to anyone else’s beliefs. But it is my way of sharing with someone that special gift, feeling, and enjoyable presence of Jesus in my life. Sharing happy holidays is […]

Make Christ’s peace a reality in our lives.

by Fr. Rich

It’s the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas is at the end of the week. What do we celebrate? Do we forget these last few days of Advent and celebrate Christmas? Maybe we celebrate both: Advent and Christmas! Sometimes the preparations we put into our activities is more of a celebration than the actual event. […]

The Birth of Christ is the peace that we seek.

by Fr. Rich

Advent is a time of waiting, anticipation and preparing for the Birth of Christ. In the midst of this season, we all lead different lives that take us in all directions. Some of these are family oriented activities; some are individual aspirations; and some may be sickness or unusual or unexpected problems. But we continue […]

Advent – a time of hospitality!

by Fr. Rich

Scripture is filled with anxious moments when doubt, uncertainty, and fear preceded great events. The prophets Moses, Abraham, Mary, and the Apostles – all felt a little uncertain as they waited and prepared for God’s Plan to come to fruition. As one scholar observed, every time you hear “Do not fear” in Scripture, there’s something […]