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With what authority do you speak?

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel, it says that Jesus taught with authority and not like the scribes. Jesus’ teaching was always about others. We see His miracles for the sake of others, His uplifting and sometimes challenging teachings to bolster others’ faith and we witness to His sacrifice on the cross out of His love of others. […]

Ordinary Time – not so ordinary.

by Fr. Rich

In the Church’s liturgical calendar, we are in Ordinary Time, a six week period between Christmas and Lent. It can seem like a let down after celebrating the joyous birth of Our Savior. It could also feel like a rather blah time as we anticipate the sacrificial and repentant time of Lent. But ordinary time […]

“What are you looking for?”

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel, two of John’s disciples were following Jesus. Jesus stopped and asked them, “What are you looking for?” If Jesus was to ask you that question, what answer would you give? When we look for Jesus, what is it that we want to see or hear? Are we looking for Jesus to take […]

Don’t let an opportunity to be kind ever pass you by.

by Fr. Rich

We all like to be told, “Well done. Good job.” It’s even better to be told that you’re a really great person. Deep in our hearts, we all long to hear the words that Jesus heard as he broke through the waters of the Jordan at his Baptism: “You are my beloved child of whom […]

Thank you for making our Christmas celebrations beautiful.

by Fr. Rich

Even in the midst of a pandemic, so many came through to help prepare our Church for Christmas which made for a beautiful Christmas celebration. We couldn’t do all that we did in the past, but still everything was great. Thank You to all who prepared the Church, our volunteer cleaners and maintenance staff. Thank […]