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God Bless You for your support and generosity

by Fr. Rich

The Easter and Christmas collections are ones that help the parish attain its budget and cover the costs that the every Sunday collection doesn’t. With the pandemic over the last thirteen months, we have been down in our regular collections, but your generosity during the holidays is always heart warming. Our Easter collection this year […]

World Day of Prayer for Vocations

by Fr. Rich

This Sunday is not only Good Shepherd Sunday, because of today’s Gospel, but it is also World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Next week, I will be celebrating forty-four years of priesthood. On my anniversary I always think of the priests who influenced my call to the priesthood. They were the young assistant pastors when […]

The Bible (Basic Information Before Leaving Earth)

by Fr. Rich

Imagine being one of the disciples in today’s Gospel. You just heard the story of the empty tomb and about Jesus appearing to other disciples on the road to Emmaus. You have feelings of hope because Jesus has risen as He said. Then you remember the pain of His crucifixion, the sense of loss and […]

Trust in the Lord and He will lead you home.

by Fr. Rich

Back in college at a leadership camp, I had to do a trust walk. It was to go blindfolded into the woods only following the voice of your partner. It was the most difficult task I had to do that summer, especially since the person guiding me was a person I just met three days […]

Happy Easter!

by Fr. Rich

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. In this Feast we see Jesus show his power, not only over sin, but over death as well. He gives us forgiveness of our sins and promises us a share in eternal life with him in heaven. But how does this Feast influence your every day lives? That […]