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The answer?… Compliment

by Fr. Rich

What doesn’t cost anything, but is worth so very much? What can be given many times, and you never run out of? What can you give to others that makes you and the other person feel good. In all cases the answer is a compliment. Today’s Gospel talks about healing, the little girl back to […]

Happy Father’s Day

by Fr. Rich

Happy Fathers Day to all our fathers. And we offer you this special prayer: We give our thanks, Heavenly Father, for the fathers in our lives. Fatherhood does not come with a manual, and reality teaches us that some fathers excel while others fail. We ask for Your blessings for them all and forgiveness where […]

Planting A Seed Of Faith

by Fr. Rich

Did you ever think about planting a seed of faith? Where would you plant it? Maybe in your children or in your parents. Maybe in your friends. Maybe even a stranger. What does that seed look like? Maybe it’s the words, “I’ll say a prayer for you.” Maybe it’s complimentary words when someone is down. […]

The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Faith.

by Fr. Rich

The Eucharist is the source and summit of our Faith. It brings Jesus into our lives through the consecrated bread and wine, now the Body & Blood of our Savior. Last weekend, we published a letter from Bishop Bambera inviting and welcoming people back to Mass. There is a video of that message on our […]