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What would you do to see Jesus?

by Fr. Rich

Today’s Gospel tells us about Zacchaeus, a wealthy tax collector, who was curious to see Jesus. He was short in stature and knew he would not be able to see over the crowds. So he went out of his way to climb a tree just to see Jesus who then said I must stay at […]

Leave the judging to the Lord.

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel: who is the bad guy and who is the good guy? The Pharisee who didn’t go away justified was the one who knew the scriptures and lived them to the letter. They taught them to others. They defended the faith and when their country was overthrown they were martyred for that faith. […]

Prayer is our means of creating a relationship with God.

by Fr. Rich

Be persistent in prayer is what Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel. But in today’s society, persistence isn’t what we do. We want answers immediately. Such as, I said a prayer this morning and by noon, nothing happened. I guess God isn’t listening! What are we looking for? What kind of answer do we expect? […]

Mass is our great prayer of Thanksgiving

by Fr. Rich

This message comes as we are trying to end the Covid-19 isolation – our own leper experience of being isolated from society. But as we come back from all this, have we taken the time to show our appreciation? For some it may have been food supplies, some stimulus checks, others live streaming Masses, and […]

Faith is a relationship of trust and love.

by Fr. Rich

“Supersize that meal” is what we say at our favorite fast food place. That means more fries and a larger soda. But to Supersize our faith is not the same as the Apostles in today’s Gospel find out. Faith is not about size or quantity as Jesus points out when He says, “If you have […]