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by Fr. Rich

Hopefully, Spring is here to stay and the days start getting warmer. With that, the flowers begin to bloom.  The trees turn green.  And our thoughts are to the great outdoors.  It’s a time of new life — new beginnings.  It is also a time of spiritual renewal.  As we change to our warm weather […]


by olv18372

I just wish to express my thanks for your support and generosity in our Easter collection. This year’s collection totaled $14,550.00. Like any parish, the collection at the holidays helps tremendously in making up what the regular Sunday donations can’t cover. Thank You and God Bless You for your love and support of your parish.

Thank You!

by olv18372

THANK YOU: These words just don’t seem to be enough in expressing my appreciation to all who volunteer and help in the parish. Just the last few weeks, Lent, Holy Week and Easter were some beautiful celebrations. I wish to thank all who planned and participated, those who cleaned and prepared the Church, those who decorated and made the Church so […]

Happy Easter!

by olv18372

I just want to take this moment to wish everyone a Happy Easter. As we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus, we celebrate new life. After all of Holy Week, its rituals, services and Masses, it’s like a new life has come into our lives and into our Church. May the joy of this day and […]