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Advent – A Journey of Faith.

by Fr. Rich

Today, we begin the Advent season which means Christmas is just around the corner. Advent is a journey of faith. We await the coming of the Lord. So what do I plan to do while I wait for the Lord’s coming? Stay awake! Listen! Watch! Do I see yourself as the work of God’s hands? […]

Thanksgiving pantry and food distribution – Thank You!

by Fr. Rich

Just wish to express my thanks to all who donated for our Thanksgiving pantry and food distribution. So many of you donated turkeys; others donated food items; Cub Scout Pack #85 canvassed the area and collected over six hundred nonperishable items for the pantry; and some of you donated money to help needy families. To […]

A Simple Formula To Receive God’s Mercey

by Fr. Rich

The accent on the corporal works of mercy is “mercy.” Feeding the hungry may mean listening to someone to whom no one listens. Giving drink to the thirsty may include offering kind words or praise to those who rarely hear anything positive. Welcoming the stranger often involves countering prejudice with an openness to all God’s […]

Use your talents to give glory to God and to benefit His creation.

by Fr. Rich

What are the talents that Jesus speaks of in the Gospel parable. Maybe those talents are the gifts, graces and abilities that God has given to each of us. One of those abilities is to preach the Word of God. In the Gospel parable, different people received different amounts of talents. As priest and pastor, […]

“Stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”

by Fr. Rich

Imagine being given $86,400 for one day. But by the end of the day, the is money is gone. So you have to spend the whole amount each day. What would you do? What would you spend it on? We may not get the money each day, but we do get its equivalent in time. […]