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Rejoice Sunday

by Fr. Rich

It’s Laetare Sunday or Rejoice Sunday. What do we have to rejoice about. Maybe a gift received, or a favor done, or a compliment paid. These are all nice and for awhile will bring a sense of happiness. But if you want to rejoice in receiving something, it needs to be more. Maybe today’s Gospel […]

Lent: A time to deepen our contact with the Lord.

by Fr. Rich

Today’s Gospel tells of the unproductive fig tree which the owner wants to cut down and get rid of. That fig tree can represent for us people in our lives who don’t meet up to our personal standards and so we cut them out of our lives. In the Gospel, the gardener asks for a […]

Share all that Jesus has given us.

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel about the Transfiguration, we see Jesus in a dazzling brightness and the appearance of Moses and Elijah. Peter, James and John are so moved, excited and exhilarated, that they want to stay and build booths for all. In the greatness and joy of the moment, they forgot why they were called as […]

How do we respond to temptation?

by Fr. Rich

We are faced with temptations every day. This week’s Gospel tells us about the temptations Jesus faced in the desert while He was preparing to face crucifixion. Change a rock into bread. Enjoy. Nobody will know. Or maybe change the price tag, don’t worry about the excess change you received, or the item missed in […]