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Be renewed in faith

by Fr. Rich

Each of us need a spiritual uplift in our lives periodically. It’s so easy to get down on ourselves due to various events and circumstances in our lives. Lent, which begins this Wednesday, can be that spiritual uplift in our lives. It may seem odd to call a time of sacrifice and fasting as a […]

Birthday Wishes – Thank You!

by Fr. Rich

I just wanted to say a very special Thank You for all your birthday wishes, gifts and cards as I celebrated my seventieth birthday. Your thoughtfulness and kindness made it a very special day despite the physical difficulties I am experiencing. God Bless You!

Let The Heart Give

by Fr. Rich

Is it possible to live the teachings of Jesus we read in today’s Gospel? Jesus really went for it with his Sermon on the Plain – – love the people who are hardest to love, pray for people you don’t like, give things away, don’t ask for them back, let people take things, don’t ask […]

Season Of Lent Begins Soon

by Fr. Rich

SEASON OF LENT begins in less than three weeks. It’s like a forty day spiritual retreat. Jesus spent this time in the desert preparing himself to face the cross. We need to plan to take this time to reinvigorate our spiritual lives through this season of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Start planning your schedules. Maybe […]

Personal Message

by Fr. Rich

Many have been asking about me: Is he okay? When will he be back? Well, it’s been a long ten weeks: good days, bad days, ups & downs. Two week long stints in the hospital and a lot of doctor visits and ambulance rides. I was planning to start back last Saturday, but a major […]

“Rising Together in Christ” Annual Appeal – Thank You!

by Fr. Rich

We made our goal thanks to the 210  families that donated or pledged to this year’s Appeal. With your donation, you are helping our children learn about their faith. You are bringing the Mass into the home  of the homebound. You are helping to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. And  you’re helping education […]

“Gone fishin”: Our Faith Is The Net

by Fr. Rich

In a very old comic strip, every time things would get to be too much for the main characters you could bet on seeing the “Gone fishin” sign posted on a near by tree. It was a literary device used to bring a break to the previous acting and change the story line. In a […]