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Honor, Respect and Remembrance

by Fr. Rich

Veterans are among the many heroes who deserve our respect and remembrance, thanks to their service. One of the ways that we respect those who make sacrifices for our country is by remembering them each year on Memorial Day. Thank a Veteran. Visit the grave of a deceased Veteran. Or at least say a prayer […]

Happy Birthday! – Don’t blow out the candles of faith.

by Fr. Rich

Happy Birthday! We think of Pentecost as the birthday of the Church. The Holy Spirit came upon the apostles and they went sharing the word of God and all understood them in their native language. It began the Church. You have received the Holy Spirit at Baptism and its fulness at Confirmation. Do people understand […]

Speak From The Heart

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel, Jesus is praying for his apostles. It reminds us of our prayer. Do we pray? What do we do when we pray? To me, it’s simply talking to God. We speak as if talking to a friend. No fancy phrases required. We should be open and honest, saying what is on our […]

The perfect formula for JOY

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel we read: “I have told you this so that my JOY may be in you and your JOY might be complete. This is my commandment: love one another as I love you.” The perfect formula for JOY is “Jesus, Others, You.” When you put Jesus first in your life, you stay with […]

First Holy Communion Weekend

by Fr. Rich

In today’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles, the disciples fear Paul for he was a persecutor of Christians. But Barnabas takes him under his wing, guides and encourages Paul to move forward, We know the end result, Paul becomes the great preacher of Christianity. This weekend, we have our young children receiving their […]