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Happy Easter!

by Fr. Rich

We finished our forty day lenten journey of sacrifice and have come now to the great feast of the Resurrection. It is a feast of new life, new beginnings and a renewed and stronger faith. I’m sure everyone will be celebrating today with family and friends. Maybe it will be a family meal and get […]

Powerful symbol of faith.

by Fr. Rich

How do you pass on a living faith to the next generation? A religious sociologist did a survey. His results showed that one of the highest factors of passing on the faith came in homes where religious objects, artworks, and symbols were commonplace. It could be a family Bible, a religious icon or a crucifix. […]

Where do we see Jesus?

by Fr. Rich

In the start of today’s Gospel, some Greeks said to Philip, “We would like to see Jesus!” In my priesthood, I’ve been asked that many times, from little children asking what does Jesus look like, to teenagers questioning their faith, to adults wondering if God is really present in our world with all the bad […]

Faith is not a reward, it’s a gift that we’re given.

by Fr. Rich

Grandma was in her glory because her grandchildren were circled all around her. She gloried in their presence, looking at each fresh-scrubbed face, peering, it seemed, deep down into each of their souls. And she liked what she saw. “Aren’t you beautiful!” she would say to the girls, and “Don’t you look handsome!” she would […]

Renewal of Faith

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel, we hear and see Jesus chasing the vendors out of the temple: “stop making my Father’s House a marketplace.” The Early Christians were not perfect, but as a community they tried to seek the best way to live the Christian life. How about us today? We are not perfect but do we […]