When:    Baptisms (See Bulletin) are held on any Sunday at Noon, or during Mass. Completion of a Pre-Baptism Preparation Class is required prior to scheduling the Baptism.  This program meets bi-monthly (usually on the second Sunday).

Who:      Parents are required to attend.  Godparents are highly encouraged to attend this class along with the parents.

How:      Parents should contact the Parish Office (570) 629-4572 and arrange attendance at Preparation Class


When a child or an adult is to be baptized, he or she must have at least one godparent or sponsor (the terms are interchangeable). It is customary for children to have two godparents. When there are two, one must be male and the other female. Godparents must meet all of the following criteria, which are established by universal Church law and which do not vary from place to place.

Godparents must:
(a) be Catholic
(b) have been baptized, confirmed and received First Holy Communion
(c) be 16 or older (although there may be exceptions to this rule at the discretion of the bishop)
(d) must be living a life consistent with their own baptismal vows.

This means that they must be practicing the faith, cannot be engaging in notorious sin, and cannot have taken public positions in opposition to Catholic faith or morals. If a sponsor is married, their marriage must be recognized by the Church. In general, if a potential sponsor is not a member of the parish where the baptism is to take place, he or she must obtain a letter or certificate from their own pastor which affirms that they meet the above requirements.