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Church is Family

by Fr. Rich

To me, the Church is Family. Family means we take care of each other: encouraging, supporting, and helping each other. Next weekend is our MINISTRY FAIR. The Church Hall will be set up in a away that when you come over, you will see all the things your family members do as Church. Some help […]

Words from Pope Francis

by Fr. Rich

Words from Pope Francis: “In the Eucharist, we in fact encounter the living Jesus and His strength, and through Him we enter into communion with our brothers and sisters in the faith: those who live with us here on earth and those who have gone before us into the next life, the unending life. This […]

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

by Fr. Rich

If you listen to the news regularly, it seems like our world is becoming more and more secularized and is losing sight of God. This doesn’t have to be. We can all do things to make people feel and experience the presence of Jesus in their lives. One of those ways is prayer. One very […]

2023 Homecoming Bazaar – Success – Thank You!

by Fr. Rich

I just want to express my thanks to all who made this year’s Homecoming Bazaar a success. We had beautiful weather before and during the Bazaar (Thanks Fr.Z.). All worked well together, chairpersons, booth/stands workers, set-up and clean-up crews, and volunteers. We had great support from you, our parishioners, as well as from the local […]

“You are always welcome at Our Lady of Victory Church”

by Fr. Rich

“You are always welcome at Our Lady of Victory Church” is on the banner in front of the Church. This is not there just for visitors and guests to our Church who may be staying in the area for the weekend. But it is also an invitation to all our parishioners to participate and take […]