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Jesus is our shepherd.

by Fr. Rich

Today’s Gospel is all about Jesus being the shepherd to His people. It reminds us of Jesus being the great teacher, not only teaching us but showing his care and concern for us all. Jesus told his disciples to take time for themselves at a deserted place for them to rest. Yet, the people who […]

What we truly need?

by Fr. Rich

One of the most profitable endeavors today is rental garages. As soon as one opens, each unit is immediately rented out. When we first opened this Church, I rented one of those garages since I had no rectory to store my belongings. After two years we built a rectory and I emptied this garage. Despite […]

Simply offer the invitation.

by Fr. Rich

Pope Francis has emphasized that all baptized Christians are “missionary disciples.” This means we are to speak the truth of God in love to the world and witness to that truth by our lives. In today’s first reading, Ezekiel was told this would not be an easy task. These words might be said to us […]

Let us remember the freedom we cherish as a nation.

by Fr. Rich

As fireworks light up the sky and the smell of barbecue fills the air, this Thursday we will come together as a nation to celebrate the Fourth of July. It is a day marked by patriotism, freedom, and the remembrance of our nation’s founding history. But for Christians and Catholics, Independence Day holds a deeper […]

Christ is with us

by Fr. Rich

Life is full of storms. At times, they can become so strong and strange that our human strength can no longer help or support us. At such moments fear and complaining take over the central stage of our life. Even in some cases, we might lose our faith in God, thinking that He has abandoned […]

Happy Father’s Day

by Fr. Rich

As we gather on this Fathers Day Weekend, we honor our Dads. We remember those who have passed as we think of the many ways they have inspired us. We pray for those still with us, so that they guide their children. Here’s a prayer in their honor. Heavenly Father, As we celebrate this special […]

Speak the truth in love

by Fr. Rich

Today’s Gospel challenges us to face rejection with prophetic courage and optimism. Very often our friends, families, or childhood companions fail to listen to us and refuse to accept the words of grace, love, and encouragement that we offer to them because they know so much about us and are so used to us that […]

Celebration of my Fiftieth Anniversary of Ordination.

by olv18372

Dear Friends at OLV, You absolutely overwhelmed me last Sunday as we shared the celebration of my Fiftieth Anniversary of Ordination. The two little words of thank you cannot come close to letting you know the gratitude and appreciation I feel for all who contributed to such an exciting and wonderful day. I hope the […]

Feast Of Corpus Christi

by Fr. Rich

In our life, we have many things to be thankful for. These could be gifts, favors done, help offered or even a few minutes spent with a friend. We might say the Eucharist is all of that and much more. Because it is Jesus Himself seen through the appearance of bread and wine. Today we […]

We all are called to offer service to one another.

by Fr. Rich

Today (5/26/2024), we Have a special celebration in our parish. It is Father Tom Ciba’s 50 Priesthood Anniversary. That is a great milestone in the life and ministry of a priest. We congratulate and thank Father Tom for his dedicated service to God and the Church. It is also a reminder to us all of […]