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by Fr. Rich

Good Friday is a day of Fast & Abstinence.  We abstain from meat on this day.  And we fast, two lesser meals and one regular meal with no food between. This is a discipline of Lent so that we can see what is most important in our lives – Jesus, the Word of God.

Palm Sunday – The beginning of Holy Week

by Fr. Rich

Today is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week.  It’s that special week that we remember and commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus.  But today, think of the palm you receive.  That palm is a symbol of victory as they laid these before Jesus as he entered Jerusalem.  Take this symbol of victory […]

How would you respond to meeting Jesus?

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel, some Greeks came up to Philip and said, “We would like to see Jesus.” I often said the same thing in my life and my ministry. I would ponder what it would be like to meet Jesus face to face. I would think about what I would say to him. Ask a […]

John 3:16 – A Reminder of God’s Love.

by Fr. Rich

John 3:16 is something you see in many different ways: a sign pops up in a crowd, a tattoo on someone’s arm or even someone just saying to you John 3:16. But what is John 3:16? To me, its’ a vivid reminder that God loves me. He sent His Son to sacrifice for our sins […]

A few moments could be the highlight of your busy day.

by Fr. Rich

We like to describe Church as the people of God or the community of faith. But it is also a building, a temple, that holds within, like no other church, the Blessed Sacrament.- the very presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic Bread. Many people pay a visit to Churches throughout the day and ours is […]