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The gift of fraternal love

by Fr. Rich

In today’s Gospel, Jesus tells us to live by the two great commandments: Love God with everything we have and love our neighbor as ourselves. Pope Francis summed up these words at a talk he gave to pilgrims in Rome. He said: ”We are a community nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ. Communion […]

He has done something remarkable

by Fr. Rich

From a homily by Pope Francis: God knows how difficult it is, He knows how weak our memory is, and He has done something remarkable: He left us a memorial. He did not just leave us words, for it is easy to forget what we hear. He did not just leave us the Scriptures, for […]

“The Spirit of Jesus remains in us.”

by Fr. Rich

From a homily of Pope Francis: “The Eucharist gives us a grateful memory, because it makes us see that we are the Father’s children, whom He loves and nourishes. It gives us a free memory, because Jesus’ love and forgiveness heal the wounds of the past, soothe our remembrance of wrongs experienced and inflicted. It […]

Ministry Fair Weekend

by Fr. Rich

This is our Ministry Fair weekend. Our Parish Hall is set up to serve you by sharing with you all that happens here at Our Lady of Victory. It is designed to help us discover and develop our own spiritual gifts by sharing our time with our community of faith. In James 2:26, we read […]