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Jesus is our shepherd.

by Fr. Rich

Today’s Gospel is all about Jesus being the shepherd to His people. It reminds us of Jesus being the great teacher, not only teaching us but showing his care and concern for us all. Jesus told his disciples to take time for themselves at a deserted place for them to rest. Yet, the people who […]

What we truly need?

by Fr. Rich

One of the most profitable endeavors today is rental garages. As soon as one opens, each unit is immediately rented out. When we first opened this Church, I rented one of those garages since I had no rectory to store my belongings. After two years we built a rectory and I emptied this garage. Despite […]

Simply offer the invitation.

by Fr. Rich

Pope Francis has emphasized that all baptized Christians are “missionary disciples.” This means we are to speak the truth of God in love to the world and witness to that truth by our lives. In today’s first reading, Ezekiel was told this would not be an easy task. These words might be said to us […]