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Prayer: A gift of grace

by Fr. Rich

Be vigilant at all times. Today’s Gospel reading from the Gospel of Luke foretells the days when humankind will be witness to many inexplicable signs, both from the sky and here on earth. But even though the events of these days will be unlike any we have ever witnessed, we are to stand tall, ever […]

“Is Christ more king of my life now than a year ago?”

by Fr. Rich

Our Liturgical Year began on the 1st Sunday in Advent and concludes today with the Feast of Christ the King. During this year have we re-lived the life of Christ and tried to immerse ourselves in His kingdom? So we can ask: “Is Christ more king of my life now than a year ago?” The […]

Preparing for the Eternal Moment

by Fr. Rich

So many of us like to plan our future, whether that be next week or a year from now. We like to know what is going to happen. Listening to the Gospel today, we see we cannot plan our eternal future. That time and moment is reserved to God alone. So maybe we can live […]

Vocations: Being Christ for others.

by Fr. Rich

As I read the Gospel this weekend about the poor widow who put into the collection simply two coins. These coins were nearly all she had to live on. She truly sacrificed. Today we pray for vocations, specifically, vocations to priesthood and religious life. What is a vocation to priesthood? To me, it’s giving your […]