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Come to Church and follow the Lord

by Fr. Rich

Early on during the pandemic, Churches were closed and people kept asking when will we get back to an open Church and Mass. We are back to an open Church and regular Mass schedule. In getting back, we have taken all kinds of precautions to keep people safe by sanitizing after every Mass. But I […]

Happy Easter!

by Fr. Rich

Today’s celebration of Easter is one of great joy, happiness and peace. Jesus is Risen! He has come back to life. My prayer and greeting for you is that you share in His joy and peace. As Jesus came back to life, we come to experience new life – refreshed in spirit, forgiven of our […]

What does “forgiveness” feel like?

by Fr. Rich

What does “forgiveness” feel like? At some time in our life, we have sought and been forgiven of a wrong we have committed. What did that experience mean to you? Can you put it in the frame of today’s Gospel? This woman is dragged in front of Jesus and surrounded by all these accusers. I’m […]