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Kingdom of Heaven

by Fr. Rich

We have been hearing about the Kingdom of Heaven these last few weeks. What is this Kingdom to you and can you recognize it in your life? The Gospel says if you find a treasure on the land or find a beautiful pearl, you sell what you can and buy that property to get that […]

“Living with Christ”

by Fr. Rich

This message is taken from “Living with Christ”. Like the psalms, we often wonder, “O Lord, why do the wicked prosper?” When injustice is rewarded by prosperity, we can begin to question God’s oversight of the world. Today’s Gospel gives two good reflections. First, we may not understand why someone sows weeds among the wheat, […]

Spiritual growth is difficult but not impossible

by Fr. Rich

Coming of age stories are as old as literature itself. From Odysseus to St. Augustine, from Tom Jones to Jane Eyre, from Celie to Harry Potter. This classic genre captures the struggles, turmoil and adventures young people experience as they mature and develop as human beings. Often these characters must come to grips with the […]

We are all children of our heavenly Father

by Fr. Rich

Jesus says in today’s Gospel,”Come to Me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” These words of Jesus tell us to trust in Him and He will carry the load, He will ease our burdens. But sometimes we take these words of Jesus and now say that we are […]