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Do our actions speak our words?

by Fr. Rich

I am sure that you have heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.” When you listen to today’s Gospel, maybe that is what Jesus was speaking – with authority and not like the scribes. The Scribes and Pharisees spoke but hardly ever backed up those words with action. Jesus spoke and His words came […]

How would you answer if someone asked you to speak to them of God?

by Fr. Rich

Speak to me, O God: Come and See.I asked a poor man: “Please, speak to me ofGod,” and the poor man shared his tea with me.I entreated the house: “Speak to me of God,”and the door opened welcoming me.I asked a child: “Speak to me of God,” and thechild smiled at me.I begged nature: “Speak […]

Church Bells

by Fr. Rich

I announced a few weeks ago that our electronic bell system has broken and is not able to be repaired due to its age. In response to that announcement, we have received an anonymous and generous donation to replace our bell system. The new system is ordered and will be installed in about six weeks. […]

Heartwarming Generosity

by Fr. Rich

A few weeks ago we asked for donations for bedding, pillows, etc. to provide P.A.T.H. (Pocono Area Transitional Housing). They were overwhelmed at the donations and wanted to send their personal thanks on behalf of the clients they serve for your generosity. Also, I would like to say Thank You on behalf of some O.L.V. […]

Who are we looking for in Jesus?

by Fr. Rich

Using today’s Scriptures, let us ask ourselves: Who are we looking for in Jesus? The disciples were looking for a teacher. What are our hearts seeking: a problem solver? a miracle worker? a companion on life’s journey? Whatever it is we are seeking, Christ, the Lord, is always present here in the Eucharist. And He […]

A Personal Thank You

by Fr. Rich

Many of you sent me cards, gave me gifts, and baked some delicious goodies and foods. I just wish to say Thank You for your kindness and for making me part of your Christmas thoughts. The Spirit of Christmas is truly present. Thank You and God Bless!