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Be a disciple of Jesus

by Fr. Rich

“Follow Me” Jesus said in today’s Gospel. Just like those at the time of Jesus, we all have excuses why we can’t do that now. Being a disciple of Jesus isn’t necessarily to learn about different things, but to live out our beliefs and the teachings of Jesus. Our excuses go from fear, lack of […]

Happy Father’s Day

by Fr. Rich

DAD This world has many heroes you’d know most of them by name. It’s apparent that they gave their best, and they deserve their fame. But among all of the heroes this world has ever had, there’s not one that I admire more than my dad. He’s more than just a hero, he never looks […]

God is here, present, active and powerful.

by Fr. Rich

Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. Why is a Triune God so important to us. Maybe belief in a triune God changes everything for us. If our God is just a Deity out there who created the world, established some rules, and sat back until judgement day, then we’re all in a […]

The feast of God dwelling within us.

by Fr. Rich

The fifty days of Easter do not end with a whimper. Easter does not appear to go out quietly, according to the description in Acts. Easter comes to its fulfillment with “noise like a strong driving wind.” The noise fills the whole house where the disciples are gathered. The sound causes others to gather to […]