It is the Fourth Sunday of Lent this week and, hopefully, we are still keeping to our sacrifices, whether that be giving up something or doing some extra faith activities. Human nature as it is, though, we tend to get a little tired and restless after awhile doing the same routine – especially if it is sacrificial activity. This Sunday is also called Laetare Sunday or Rejoice Sunday. It is like a ‘shot in the arm’ to help keep us on tract and not give up. Soon we will be remembering the horrors of the Passion and all Jesus endured for us. But this day reminds us of the results of that Passion — which is Resurrection. We wear the pink – oh no – the rose vestments at Mass telling us to look beyond the suffering to the end result of rising, of overcoming our difficulties, of beating the troubles that plaque our lives. It is a day to ‘rejoice’ because with Jesus we can overcome all obstacles. Continue your sacrifices but know the end result will be great.