In today’s Gospel we hear of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. At one point, He told Martha and Mary that He is the resurrection and the life and Lazarus will rise. Then He asked “Do you believe this?” That’s a question for all of us.

In everything Jesus taught, showed in action and miracle and spoke about, He now asks us: Do You Believe This? God’s grace is at work in us. Do you believe this? God always forgives us our sins. Do you believe this? God performs miracles in and sometimes through us. Do you believe this? I could go on and on here.

We want to be free from our vices (fasting). We want to be more supportive of family and friends (almsgiving). We want to know what the Lord wants of us (prayer). Then we need to answer for ourselves: Do we believe this? If we let the Lord be the center of our lives, be the directions we follow and trust He is with us always, then all that we want to accomplish through faith can happen. So maybe we need to say: I Do Believe This!