From a cat owner: You’ve probably seen funny videos on social media of cats climbing and sometimes destroying Christmas trees. Luckily, my cat doesn’t knock my tree over or break ornaments. She is fascinated with Christmas decorations though. Cats are creatures of habit—in the extreme. They don’t like change in their surroundings or deviating from their daily routine. I’m kind of the same way, so I get it. My cat has the adorable habit of insisting that she look at our Christmas decorations every day of the year. They are kept in a cabinet in the living room, and once a day she will sit in front of the cabinet and meow until I open the doors. Then she will poke her face in and gently paw the contents, as she’s making sure it’s all still there. I have no idea why she does this. I’ve thought before that my cat is the Spirit’s helper, the way she demands that I sit and hold her when I’m busy and stressed, forcing me to be still and quiet with God exactly when I need to most. And her little ritual with the cabinet, of course, reminds me every day of Christmas. I never would have guessed that a furry, four-legged messenger would always keep me aware of the coming of Christ.

What everyday, simple things, remind you of Jesus?