Behold the Lord will come, prepare His way, make straight His path. . . John [the Baptist] knows that God is preparing something very great, something for which he is to be the instrument; and he himself points
in the direction that the Holy Spirit shows him.

We know much more now about what it was that God had in mind for humanity. We know Christ and His Church, we have the sacraments. The doctrine of salvation has been perfectly marked out for us . We know that the world needs Christ to reign, we know that the happiness and salvation of all mankind depend on Him. We have Christ Himself; the same Christ whom John the Baptist knew and announced.

We are witnesses and precursors. We have to bear witness and at the same time we have to show others the way. Our responsibility is great, because to be Christ’s witnesses implies first and foremost that we should try to live our lives according to his teachings, that we should struggle to make our actions remind others of Jesus and His most loveable personality.