“Supersize that meal” is what we say at our favorite fast food place. That means more fries and a larger soda. But to Supersize our faith is not the same as the Apostles in today’s Gospel find out. Faith is not about size or quantity as Jesus points out when He says, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can tell that tree to be uprooted and replanted in the sea. And it would obey you.”

Faith is not a thing we have to get. It is a relationship of trust and love. It means opening ourselves to receive Jesus and giving our life over to him. Faith will not change the circumstances of our life. Instead, it changes us! Living in faith does not undo the past, shield us from difficulties in the present or guarantee a particular future. Rather, faith is the means by which we face and deal with the situations of life – difficulties & losses, joys & successes, opportunities & possibilities.

Jesus does not supersize our faith. It is not necessary. We live by faith, not because we have enough, but because we have faith, even mustard seed size. That is all we need. Jesus believes that. So should we.