In today’s Gospel: who is the bad guy and who is the good guy? The Pharisee who didn’t go away justified was the one who knew the scriptures and lived them to the letter. They taught them to others. They defended the faith and when their country was overthrown they were martyred for that faith. The publican was the sinner who took resources away from the average person through over taxing, and he walked away justified. Why? That’s the question for us all. Are we humble enough to recognize our sins, our faults, and out short comings and then seek forgiveness? Or are we so proud that we feel we are better than others and don’t see anything wrong with our actions? Jesus’ parable didn’t condemn anyone. But it made them, and us, think about our actions and we compare ourselves to others. Leave the judging to the Lord. We need to live in humble ways to recognize our need for God and the support of others. God Bless!