It’s the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas is at the end of the week. What do we celebrate? Do we forget these last few days of Advent and celebrate Christmas? Maybe we celebrate both: Advent and Christmas!

Sometimes the preparations we put into our activities is more of a celebration than the actual event. All during Advent, we say Wait! Prepare! Anticipate! When we do this, we are reflecting on the birth of Jesus. How will we make Christ’s peace a reality in our lives and families, especially, if there is sickness, problems, or setbacks?

You’re now saying to yourself, what is he talking about? In the last few weeks, sitting in the hospital for a week, then quarantining at home isolated from others, I have been preparing for Christmas. Where will I go for the day? And then I remember all who have called, texted, emailed, wrote letters and cards, and I realize I don’t need any other place to go. I think what will I say? And then I think just be grateful for all that has happened, for so much kindness has been shared and love experienced. I think about whether I will be able to celebrate Mass on Christmas. Then I remember that the Mass unites us as one community of believers, and I have so very much experienced that at home these last few weeks, thanks to all of you.

So continue to prepare for the celebration of the Birth of the Prince of Peace. But already feel in your hearts His peace shared through the kindness of others in your lives.

Merry Christmas!