Scripture is filled with anxious moments when doubt, uncertainty, and fear preceded great events. The prophets Moses, Abraham, Mary, and the Apostles – all felt a little uncertain as they waited and prepared for God’s Plan to come to fruition.

As one scholar observed, every time you hear “Do not fear” in Scripture, there’s something to worry about and work to be done! St. Paul’s words become all the more comforting: the one who has begun the good work in you will carry it through to completion. As we experience in some small way the anxious moments of waiting for Christmas, make an effort to prepare yourself. Accept the words of comfort and forgiveness in confession; offer your sacrifice of gold to those less fortunate; give your time to someone who needs a friendly visit and a kind smile; greet everyone
with the warmth of an old friend.

Make this Advent more than a time of waiting — make it a time of hospitality!