Today we invite the children together to start off a new school year and our CCD Classes. Do you know what the letters CCD stand for? It means Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. A mouthful to say religion classes. Our children, who don’t attend Catholic School, attend these classes once a week over the course of the school year. That’s just an hour a week! Hardly enough to teach and help them understand the faith, that is, what Jesus taught, what are the commandments, how we are to treat one another.

We commend our teachers who do a great job of getting Jesus’ message across to the children. But it is everyone’s task to teach our youngsters about their faith. As parents, bring your children to Church with YOU. As grandparents, inspire them and even ask them about their prayers and good deeds. As just fellow Christians, set a good example for them to see and follow. A good example of faith, a kind work, or a encouraging word goes a long way in teaching our kids to love God and one another.