Mark had just gotten off a commuter train when an older woman asked for directions. She was supposed to meet a friend who was taking a particular bus to a particular spot near the train station. She had some trouble with the English language, and the instructions from her friend were not great. Mark walked with her to the nearest bus stop, but he wasn’t really sure it was the right place. He was beginning to feel he was not really helping. While they were staring up at the bus stop sign and trying to figure out what to do, they saw someone crossing the street coming toward them. She was a young woman who was living with Down syndrome. “What are you looking for?” she asked. “This woman’s friend told her she was taking the 250 bus, but we’re not sure we’re at the right stop,” Mark said. “Oh,” the young woman said, “you want the stop around the corner. I take that bus all the time to work.” Mark had forgotten about that bus stop. They thanked the young person, and just as quickly as she appeared, she disappeared around the corner. Mark directed the older woman to where she needed to be. In a small way, he felt God had sent a messenger that day.

Is God asking you to be his messenger to someone today?