In today’s Gospel, some Greeks came up to Philip and said, “We would like to see Jesus.” I often said the same thing in my life and my ministry. I would ponder what it would be like to meet Jesus face to face. I would think about what I would say to him. Ask a thousand questions. And then I would rethink it. And now I wonder if I would even be able to talk if Jesus approached me or would I just stand there in awe?

How would you respond to meeting Jesus? Maybe the answer to that question is how do you respond to meeting different people in your life. Are we judgmental or are we open to other’s background, personality or opinion? Are we happy to meet people or too distracted or busy to bother with others? Do we enjoy the company of others or is it that we can’t wait to leave and do something else?

Jesus is present in the life of each person. Some times, he has a hand out asking for help. Sometimes he’s offering us advise. Sometimes, he just wants to sit with us and talk. Are you open to Him in the people you meet?