We like to describe Church as the people of God or the community of faith. But it is also a building, a temple, that holds within, like no other church, the Blessed Sacrament.- the very presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic Bread.

Many people pay a visit to Churches throughout the day and ours is no different. They describe their visit as a unique feeling as if in the very Presence of Jesus Himself. And they are right. For the Eucharist is truly the Body and Blood of Jesus.

During Lent, we sacrifice to eliminate those distractions that keep us from experiencing Jesus in our lives. Stop into Church, maybe on you way to the market or some other business. Just stay a few moments, offer a simple prayer, and walk out refreshed and renewed by the Presence of Jesus. It could be the highlight of your day. It could be, at that moment, just what you need in your busy day.