This is Memorial Day Weekend. We would usually have a memorial service remembering and honoring our veterans. But due to covid-19, this service will not be held. But that doesn’t mean we cannot remember to honor our veterans.

Since its first official observance on May 5, 1868, when it was called Declaration Day, it has been a day of remembrance for those who sacrificed and died in our nation’s service. And while it was originally dedicated to honor Civil War soldiers, we know it today as a celebration in memory of
all who have fought for and defended our right to freedom.

So let us pause with respect and honor on this Memorial Day to remember those who fought and gave their lives, and those who willingly stand ready today to do the same, without question, when the defense of freedom calls on them. We owe each of them the highest regard, respect, and honor — and the assurance that their commitment to this Nation’s freedom will never be forgotten. Let us resolve by word and deed to emphasize the privilege and duty of patriotism.