This is the Sixth Sunday of Easter. Do you believe that we have spent the entire Easter Season and half of our Lenten Journey at home away from church distancing ourselves from one another? In today’s Gospel, Jesus promises an Advocate (Holy Spirit) to those who believe in Him.

This Holy Spirit is truly a part of our everyday lives. He is the knowledge and wisdom for our witness to faith – our caring actions, generosity and concern for others. He is the fortitude that gives us patience to be there for one another under very unusual circumstances. He is the understanding to help us see the good around us and help us do the right thing in this pandemic. He is the piety that gives us that strength and peace to know we are not alone.

St. Teresa of Avila once wrote that Christ has no body on earth but ours. She believed we meet Jesus’ expectations by becoming a voice for the voiceless and the needy. Be strong during this crisis. And together, with the Lord at our side and the Spirit as our inspiration, we can overcome this crisis.