How do we get around today: Google maps, navigation app on our phones, GPS in our cars? If you notice those are not much help today. We are quarantined at home. We’re with the same people day in and day out. No where else to go. Maybe the map we need has always been right in front of
us. Yes. Our faith! Our faith isn’t taking us on the road to another city. But it takes us along the road of life. It doesn’t tell us to turn here or there.

But it does tell us to be compassionate, patient, understanding and caring for each other. It doesn’t tell where to stop and eat. But it tells us what is most important in our lives: our families, friends and the people around us.

Put away the electronics and talk to people. Enjoy your family. Talk with your friends. But especially, talk to God. Prayer keeps us strong and moving forward without getting lost.