The RCA company was one of the first to develop the phonograph, or, as they called it, the Victrola. Their logo was a dog sitting next to an old style speaker with his ear cocked and listening. It’s selling point was that the sound of their phonograph was so true to life that the dog would be able to recognize his master’s voice.

How good are we at recognizing the voice of the Lord in our lives? Does it come through loud and clear, or is it distorted by the noises of our lives? Are there too many other competing voices of work and worry and family and commitments for us to hear God’s word? Or are we able to hear those whispered words of God in and through our work, our families and our daily lives?

In today’s Gospel Jesus, the Good Shepherd, says His sheep know His voice and follow Him. They are not fooled by the voices of strangers calling out but stay close to the Lord. That takes attention and listening, something that often seems in short supply in modern life. Let us make time to listen to the words of Jesus – in the Gospel, in the Mass, and in our daily lives. Come to know and recognize His voice so you won’t be fooled but be saved.

Fr. Rich