In today’s Gospel, we hear the parable of the ten wise bridesmaids. Jesus is telling His disciples to stay alert and be ready for He will not always be there in person for them. Today, we are those disciples to whom the Lord is speaking. Are we wise or foolish? Are we alert to our faith? Or are we distracted by the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life? There is a lot going on around us – work keeps us busy supporting the family; children keep us hopping going from one thing to another; and our social lives have us moving in all different directions. So do we find or make the time for the Lord? Think of a few possibilities
where the Lord can come into our busy lives! In the car, traveling from one place to another: shut off the
radio and say a Rosary. Instead of just driving the kids everywhere, start off with a prayer for safety and
success in their activities. Say a prayer before your meal, even when you’re out in a restaurant. These
may be little things, but as Jesus said in a different parable: if you can be trusted in little things, how much more will we experience Him in bigger things. Prayer creates our relationship with God. This relationship keeps us awake and alert. It keeps us moving in the right direction, and hopefully, ready when the Lord calls.