“You are always welcome at Our Lady of Victory Church” is on the banner in front of the Church. This is not there just for visitors and guests to our Church who may be staying in the area for the weekend. But it is also an invitation to all our parishioners to participate and take advantage of what our parish has to offer. This includes first and foremost, the Eucharist. Our celebration of the Mass and receiving Holy Communion is what we are about as a Eucharistic People. We also offer educational resources about the faith, from CCD classes for the children, Bible Study and Faith Sharing groups for adults. We reach out to our homebound with live-streaming of our Masses and taking Holy Communion to those confined to the home or hospitalized. These are just a few things your parish offers to make sure all feel welcome in the Church.

Would you like to know more? Come to our parish meeting on Sunday, September 17th at 1:00 P.M. and hear about your parish and its goals and objectives for the future. Maybe even see way you might want to help with. We will give you some ice cream, show a video of our parish and talk about what we do and what you might have to suggest or offer as new opportunities.

Hope to see you here and “Sprinkle Your Faith.”