In today’s Gospel, the steward is facing a crisis, mostly due to his dishonesty. But knowing the ways of the world, he solves his problems in such a way that everyone benefits, including himself. We all have problems and crisis in our lives. In the last couple of years, we all experienced the pandemic. Everything around us closed, churches, stores, businesses and even schools. We were definitely in a crisis. But we survived with masks, vaccines, social distancing, and support programs for food, finances and the like. During it all, did we recognize our faith being active? We saw so many exercising generosity, so many checking on neighbors, and so many going out of their way for the benefit of others. This is inherent faith: Do unto others… Jesus said. Love thy neighbor as yourself, he taught. Carry your cross and sacrifice, and all will benefit. That faith coming out in a crisis needs to be continued to be lived and shared. Come to
Church. Pray. Feel and experience Christ’s love in a community gathered in prayer.

Love one another as Jesus loves you.