In today’s Gospel, we see the experience of a family suffering through the loss of one child, the resentment of another and the broken heart of the father. The interesting theme throughout this story is that the father had never given up hope. Forgiveness bring home the one son. A calm, humble, and loving spirit is offered to the other son.

In the midst of life’s experiences, do we argue our way out of things? Do we resent the situation and only ask why? Do we just give up? Or do we like the father in the Gospel have hope that all will work out?

Jesus’ words are always inspiring and filled with hope. His message of forgiveness brings about peace. His life of loving and sacrifice sets the frame for our actions as well. When faced with problems, confrontations and difficulties in life, face them with a humble heart, a forgiving spirit, compassion, generosity, and, above all, hope.

God Bless.