In today’s Gospel about the Transfiguration, we see Jesus in a dazzling brightness and the appearance of Moses and Elijah. Peter, James and John are so moved, excited and exhilarated, that they want to stay and build booths for all. In the greatness and joy of the moment, they forgot why they were called as Apostles. They forgot about the others and the people they were being called to serve. We are like that at times. A nice thing happens to us, a joyous occasion comes along, and we kind of forget others and their needs. The joyous moment is mine and I don’t want to share it.

During Lent, we need to be reminded of all that has been given to us, bestowed upon us, and we’ve been blessed with. Then through prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving, we share all that Jesus has given us. Let us repeat it over and over during our Lenten journey, so it becomes a good habit to follow always.