In today’s Gospel, we read that after a long day of peaching and curing those who were sick, Jesus rose early the next day and went off to pray. His disciples found him and told him that everyone was looking for him. Why? Why were they looking for Jesus? For something they wanted? Why do we look for Jesus? And maybe just as important, where do we look for Jesus?

Do we look for Jesus only when we want something or need something? Do we run to Church only when a disaster hits and so we need the Lord? Some people treat Jesus like that proverbial genie in the bottle. We call him out when we need something and expect our wish to be magically granted. That’s not who Jesus is nor how we should experience the Lord in our lives.

We need to make prayer, our relationship with the Lord, a regular part of our lives. So when a need arises, when difficulties occur, we feel the Lord guiding us; we see the path he lays straight before us; we know he has our back. Through prayer, Jesus is our companion on the journey of life, always there, always helping us.