In the Church’s liturgical calendar, we are in Ordinary Time, a six week period between Christmas and Lent. It can seem like a let down after celebrating the joyous birth of Our Savior. It could also feel like a rather blah time as we anticipate the sacrificial and repentant time of Lent.

But ordinary time is important for it covers most of our life experiences. In those everyday moments of our life, it is easy to let go of our faith and just wait for something to challenge us. But it is in this ordinary time when we need to experience the presence of Jesus. In these idle times, we need to recognize Jesus calling us to be His presence and joy in the world. And especially, in the midst of this pandemic, we need His strength, patience and love, as do all those people we love and meet every day.

This time is really not so ordinary if we allow Christ to work through our actions, our good deeds and our humble presence.