We complain in the winter, it’s too cold.  we complain in the summer, it’s too hot.  I think we just like to complain.  Jesus hears our complaints.  He hears our requests.  He hears our joys.  And he responds to what he hears.  Maybe a feeling of peace in one’s heart;  maybe an inspirational thought; maybe someone coming up to us and offering some help or a suggestion.  But also He comes to us as a community of believers.  And that is what we are when we come to celebrate Mass.  Jesus is present in the Eucharist.  We receive Him and take Him with us.  He is the joy of the celebration — our singing and reciting of prayers.  He is the friendships we share and the sign of peace we offer at Mass.  Come join us in our Mass.  We will keep you comfortable.  So come experience the joy of Jesus in the gathered assembly.  Come receive the Lord.