We celebrate Palm Sunday this weekend.  It represents the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  And for us, it’s the beginning of Holy Week.  Holy Week is a vivid reminder of what Jesus has done for us.  He sacrificed himself for weach one of us.  He took on the sufferings of the cross for our sinfulness.

Make this week a holy one in your lives also.  Come join your parish family on Holy Thursday and commemorate the  Last Supper as Jesus gave us the Eucharist that we celebrate each week.

Come on Good Friday and venerate the cross.  For through that Cross, Jesus forgives us sour sins.

Come on Holy Saturday and be remember our past as we here the Old Testament stories of the chosen people and then move into our lives renewed in our baptisms.

Come on Easter Sunday morning and rise to new life with Jesus – – renewed in the Eucharist.