In our life, we have many things to be thankful for. These could be gifts, favors done, help offered or even a few minutes spent with a friend. We might say the Eucharist is all of that and much more. Because it is Jesus Himself seen through the appearance of bread and wine. Today we have the opportunity to spend some time with the Lord, beyond the Sunday Mass. It could be a quiet few moments or a time to say prayers in devotion and thanksgiving. Let’s not make excuses why we can’t be here. But let’s reflect on all the reasons why we should be here to spend time with Jesus. The Church is open all afternoon for your personal prayer time or to stop in during different moments to pray with others.

The schedule of service is as follows:

1:00 P.M. Meditation on the Eucharist
2:00 P.M. Scriptural Rosary recited
3:00 P.M. Sung Chaplet of Divine Mercy
4:00 P.M. Closing Prayers and Benediction

Come out, gathering as a parish family, in devotion to the Lord.